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About Mauget

For 60+ years, Mauget products have been used by arborists and tree care providers to maintain the health and wellness of their trees in addition to offering an additional avenue to increase their company revenue. Adding Mauget products to your service line as part of your Plant Health Care (PHC) program allows you to add a unique specialty to your menu of services, but more importantly, it allows you to provide proven solutions to troublesome issues that elude so many other providers. In less than 3 hours you can be certified and start reaping the benefits of adding this service for your existing and new customers.
Certified Applicator – An introduction to and a basic understanding of Mauget Products and Application techniques. A straightforward guide to the technology of tree micro-injection. This course will ensure your competency in managing Mauget’s capsules in the field and applying them safely.
Advanced Applicator – Building on the foundation laid down in the Basic course, we’ll expand your tree-care skill set. Dialing down on different injection approaches, when to micro-inject, and other application methods to ensure your success in the field. This course includes the treatment of Palms and Cycad with established best practices. Also, we explain simple, practical ways of building your tree-care business from the ground up.
Master Applicator – The Master class explains the restrictions, safety requirements, and techniques for the use of Inject-a-Cide-B when treating a tree. The course deals solely on the best practices and safeguards to use when working with Inject-a-Cide-B. This broad-spectrum application requires a Pesticide Applicator’s license from your state or county.

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