Arbortech Skybox Chip Body

Arbortech has introduced what it is calling the industry’s first chip body with an integrated, retractable roof.

The Skybox Chip Body features a pair of roof sections designed to quickly and easily slide forward, transforming the chip body into an open-roof vehicle capable of handling a variety of work-site tasks. The Skybox is a design evolution inspired by Arbortech’s removable-roof body. It utilizes the same robust, double-walled-body side construction originally engineered for chip bodies with no roof structure at all, and the same heavy-gauge, rust-resistant material.

Skybox packages come in 12- and 14-foot configurations, both with sliding roof panels at the rear and center of the body and a fixed (non-sliding) panel at the front. One person can open or close the roof without any tools. When the roof is fully retracted, each body has an open area of more than 56 square feet. The Skybox moves along a stainless-steel track on maintenance-free, oil-impregnated bearings. The smooth body side panels are ideal for company signage.

Standard packages come with a lockable, L-shaped toolbox, a ladder box with a pole-pruner shelf, an underbody hoist, a coal-tar-epoxy bed liner, an LED light package, wheel chocks, undercoating for additional corrosion protection, and a heavy-duty hitch package.

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