DICA FiberTech Outrigger Pads are designed for situations in which extra rigidity is needed and weight is a concern. FiberTech pads are designed to spread outrigger loads and create stability for equipment such as mobile cranes, high-reach aerial devices and more. With crush ratings of up to 600 psi and rated capacities up to 170,000 pounds, FiberTech Super Duty Outrigger Pads (formerly FiberMax Heavy Duty) are designed as an economical, high-performance load-distribution solution. FiberTech Pads can be used alone or as part of a multi-pad setup. At least 13 layers of quad-axial, continuous glass fibers and vinyl-ester resin are designed to give FiberTech Super Duty Outrigger Pads exceptional structural strength and stiff ness. A 1-inch-thick FiberTech Pad weighs 25% less and delivers the same load-distribution performance as a 3-inch-thick SafetyTech Super Duty Outrigger Pad. The name change from FiberMax to FiberTech is intended to make it more intuitive for customers to compare these products. FiberTech 36-, 42- and 48-inch-diameter sizes are standard stock products. Other sizes are available upon request. For more information about DICA, visit www.dicausa.com.

Originally published in the July 2021 issue of TCI Magazine, the most widely-read periodical in the tree care industry! Want to have your new product considered for the feature?

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