Email has been the primary mode of contact for TCIA for as long as many of us can remember. Working in an industry built on long hours away from screens, email is one of the best ways to ensure you share important information when they have the time to digest what you are saying!

While we want to make sure our members know what is going on at TCIA, there’s an unfortunate truth about emails – sometimes, people simply don’t receive them.

In fact, did you know that a little more than 1 in 10 emails that TCIA sends you aren’t delivered?


But really, those missed connections can cause you to miss out on time-sensitive opportunities (like booking your booth for TCI EXPO), miss a crucial update from the TCIA team (like the launch of the Member Advantage program), or worse – just make us believe you don’t like us…

So what can you do about this? There are a few different possibilities when it comes to diagnosing why emails aren’t being delivered, but after consulting with our IT team, here’s our top three:

Ugh…junk mail

Our email was sent to your “Junk” folder – rude, right? We promise it’s not junk, but your junk filtering settings might think otherwise because of past email interactions, email frequency or a variety of other factors.

What’s the fix? On your email client (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), navigate to your email settings and make sure that is added to your “Safe Sender” list.

Your organizational skills  

First of all, kudos to you for staying so organized and staying ahead of email “fatigue”, an issue plaguing over 75% of Americans! In this scenario, the email is sent to a subfolder in your inbox because of rules that you have setup within your email, or because of a rule set up by your company in your email client.

What’s the fix? Review rules that you have setup in your email client, or if you don’t have any, consult your internal IT team to find out what they might have setup. It could be as easy as flipping a switch!

Technology trying to be too smart

Email is caught in a Spam Filtering system set up by your organization before it makes it to your inbox. There are several Spam Filtering systems being used by organizations (Proofpoint, Barracuda, Mimecast, etc.) to prevent spam from making it to your inbox. In some cases, these systems catch legitimate emails and adjustments need to be made to allow the legitimate emails to pass through the filter.

What’s the fix? Typically, you or your IT team can whitelist our email address to prevent this issue. TCIA has a robust spam filtering system that we battle against, but are all given access to decide what is actually spam and what isn’t (although we typically go the IT team route on getting it fixed!).

Receiving emails is important and worth taking 5-10 minutes to diagnose the problem, as others in your organization might be suffering from the same issue!

Still can’t figure it out? Shoot us an email. Ha.

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