Samson Rope Technologies’ AmSteel-Blue, marketed as a winch line for arborists, is now available made from sustainable, bio-sourced fiber. This innovation utilizes the mass-balance approach to sourcing intended to reduce reliance on fossil-based resources. Because they are made from climate-neutral feedstock created using sustainable-forestry methods, Samson products with bio-sourced fiber will enable customers to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising performance. Samson customers can continue to enjoy the tested and proven performance advantages of these products with the additional benefit of a lower carbon footprint. Every ton of bio-sourced fiber produced saves five tons of CO2 and enough energy to charge 637,000 cellphones. Reducing your impact on the planet doesn’t mean reducing quality or sacrificing strength. Amsteel-Blue is designed to provide superior resistance to flex, fatigue and wear. Designed as an excellent winch line – as strong as a steel chain and 1/7th the weight, AmSteel-Blue is available in many sizes and is easy to splice.

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Originally published in the June 2021 issue of TCI Magazine, the most widely-read periodical in the tree care industry! Want to have your new product considered for the feature?

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