TCIA recently announced our partnership with Lincoln Financial Group and Alpha Pension Group to deliver a new, comprehensive TCIA 401K Multiple Employer Aggregation Plan (MEAP) to all tree care company and corporate members of TCIA. Furthermore, TCIA has so thoroughly vetted these partners that we have made the decision to transition our own employee retirement plan to the new MEAP.

What the TCIA 401(k) MEAP offers our members:

  • Access to potential pricing and service efficiencies—economies of scale
  • Less administrative work, as you hand off many of the responsibilities that come with running a 401(k), including filing Form 5500 and employee loans.
  • Relief from many fiduciary obligations, while maintaining your current plan design—or changing to a plan design that works for you.

Why choose the TCIA 401(k) MEAP?
Because partnering with Lincoln Financial Group and Alpha Pension Group delivers benefits that go beyond the retirement plan itself.

  • Personalized service—Members who join the plan receive ongoing, dedicated attention from Lincoln, APG and TCIA, who will work closely together to continue building the plan.
  • Deep experience—Lincoln has been in business 115 years as a recognized leader in the retirement plan space and has group 401(k) program experience dating back to 1995.
    *Lincoln Financial Group, “Annual Plan Sponsor Satisfaction Research,” 2019.
  • Focused Delivery – APG specializes solely in delivering successful, corporate retirement plans.


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