TCI EXPO delivers not only thousands of customers but also invaluable industry intelligence and feedback on your brand – exactly what you need for your 2022 marketing strategy.

Bill Weber, team captain of the ubiquitous Arborwear brand of tree care clothing and personal protection equipment, says, “TCI EXPO is our annual super bowl, the greatest gathering in the industry for us. It is where we go to launch new products, see customers face-to-face and get feedback on existing products. We hear from those who have worn our clothing for a year, what they like and do not like. That gives us a great opportunity to better the Arborwear brand.”

“TCI EXPO is important because it tells us how the industry is going and what trends are picking up,” Weber continues. We produce a lot of PPE (personal protection equipment), high visibility apparel. At TCI EXPO we can catch up on safety standards and protocols and how companies deal with all of it – and perhaps how they differ from one another in their approach. By hearing about these safety policies and how companies outfit their employees benefits Arborwear because we can adjust our product lines, delivering what’s needed,” Weber explains. Paraphrasing his own words he adds, “At TCI EXPO, we are on an intelligence-gathering mission.”

Arborwear clothing at TCI EXPO 2019

Weber says that kind of information contributes to the company’s growth by helping improve good products and eliminate those which don’t work well.

Arborwear has been a TCI EXPO exhibitor for two decades. “We go to see those who helped us get this far – our customers – and to get their feedback which improves the company and our products.”

Going to TCI EXPO is a two-way street, as Weber sees it. In addition to invaluable, if not priceless, market intel, he is with like-minded with Kenny Jones, director of sales for Jarraff (See “Want to save months of time and thousands of dollars in travel and meetings?”) when he says categorically that to be a good brand steward, one also has to “…look to give back to the industry and to those supporting the efforts of others. We are all in this together. We all want to be safe, and we all want to raise the bar.”

Weber refers to the company’s very recent move to an expanded headquarters where Arborwear plans to continue to grow the existing brand and add new service lines, for example a customer-oriented arbor safety institute to include training for leadership, safety, climbing and rigging year-round. Weber stresses that this new initiative is aimed 100 percent at industry and customer support. “The more we support customers, the more they support us,” he maintains.

“We know that by bringing people together and fostering networking, Arborwear helps raise the tide for the tree care industry…just like TCI EXPO,” he says.

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