Husqvarna partnered with Sugihara/Diatop Co., Ltd., for its new X-Tough Light lightweight chain-saw bars. Made for everyday professional forestry and tree care work, X-Tough Light bars are designed to offer a combination of light weight, durability and cutting performance. These bars have a solid, lightweight body with hard resin inserts that reduce weight, intended to make them easy to maneuver. The hard resin inserts are designed to make the bars robust, for high productivity and improved straightness in the cuts. The three-rivet, RSN mount and an optimized oil hole help provide reliability and performance during long workdays. These features, along with the rail hardness of the new bars, allow for longer maintenance intervals. The sprocket nose adds to the performance. Husqvarna’s new 3/8-inch, lightweight bars come in lengths up to 36 inches.

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Originally published in the September 2021 issue of TCI Magazine, the most widely-read periodical in the tree care industry! Want to have your new product considered for the feature?

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