The Marketing Excellence Awards (previously the Professional Communication Awards) were established to acknowledge the outstanding marketing efforts of our tree care company members.

For the first time in 2021, we are opening this opportunity to our corporate members – the manufacturers, distributors and service providers who’ve joined TCIA.

By including our corporate members in this award process, we’ve have rounded out the award to give a comprehensive look at the marketing efforts on both sides of the tree care industry and are able to spotlight the creative innovations happening all around the industry!

What can we submit?

We’ve streamlined the process to include three separate award categories to include a wider variety and range of marketing efforts in the industry:

  • The Canopy Award – five or more marketing efforts that helped your company achieve success.
  • The Branch Award – three to four marketing efforts that helped your company achieve success.
  • The Bud Award – one to two marketing efforts that helped your company achieve success.

Some examples of marketing efforts include websites, social posts, print collateral, blog posts, podcasts, TV commercials, YouTube channels, radio advertisements, community outreach campaigns – whatever you’ve done to creatively market your company to the industry!

How will we know who won?

Three corporate members will be selected from the submissions and awarded a 2021 Marketing Excellence Award.

Those winners will be notified by September 30 and invited to share their experience and innovation at a round-table discussion at TCI EXPO 2021 in Indianapolis, IN.

Great, when do you need my materials by?

The deadline to submit your materials is September 15, 2021.

*If you are submitting multiple campaigns, please complete 1 form per campaign.

I want to submit, but I have a question.

Please contact, or call (800) 733-2622 and ask for the Marketing department.

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